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Northumberland & Tyneside Cricket League

Constitution & General Rules


1. The League shall be called the ‘Northumberland and Tyneside Cricket League.’

2. The Northumberland and Tyneside Cricket League (hereafter called ‘the League’) is an integral part of the North-East Cricket Pyramid and will continue to participate in that, or in any such revised or successor pyramid system, as approved by the League’s Executive Committee.

3. A condition of membership of the League is that clubs affiliate to either the Northumberland or Durham Cricket Boards as appropriate to their geographic location.

4. The League adopts and accepts the ECB’s child welfare and equity policies and requires that all clubs include the following statement in their constitution “Membership shall be open to all irrespective of Age, Gender, Disability, Race, Ethnic Origin, Creed, Colour, Social Status and Sexual Orientation.”

General Rules

5. Member clubs shall have the power to add or reduce their numbers upon Management Committee Meeting resolution.

6. All clubs belonging to the League shall be deemed as Full Members of the League. Clubs from other Leagues will be admitted as Associate Members for midweek cricket only.

7. Admittance into the League (as Full Members) will take place in accordance with any pyramid system approved by the League Executive Committee (hereafter called the Executive).

8. Any club in the former Counties of Northumberland, Tyne & Wear or Durham shall be eligible for membership of the League. Applications for membership must be made in writing to the League Secretary by 30th September each year, giving particulars of the applicants’ ground facilities, accommodation, general facilities and any other details requested by the Executive. The Executive shall arrange for the examination of the ground and facilities of the club, and from their investigations shall recommend acceptance or otherwise at a hearing of the application at the Annual General or Special Management Committee Meeting as appropriate. Newly elected clubs are subject to a two-year probationary period. The Executive shall assess whether a club has met (or is still meeting) the criteria. If a club fails to meet the criteria at the end of the probationary period, the Executive has the power to recommend to a Management Committee Meeting that the club be expelled from the League.

9. a) Any notice of resignation as a Full Member must be given in writing to the League Secretary no later than 30th June if that club wishes to play in a different league in the following season.

b) Membership of the League shall cease on 31st October if a club is promoted or has resigned from the League in accord with Rule 9(a).

10. a) The Annual General Meeting of the League shall be held in November of each year, to which Full Member clubs are expected to send a representative and each club to have one vote only. Any club not represented at the Annual General Meeting shall be fined the sum of £20. The representatives present at such meetings shall elect a Chairman of the Executive; Vice Chairmen (2); Honorary Secretary; Registrations, Results and Statistics Secretary; Umpires Co-ordinator; Honorary Treasurer; Disciplinary Chairman and Honorary Auditor. The President or Vice-President to Chair the Annual General Meeting.

b) The Executive will appoint, when necessary, a Life President and two Life Vice-Presidents.

c) The Management of the League shall be vested in the Executive consisting of elected officials and four elected members. The Executive shall be empowered to make all decisions in the running of the League. Management Committee Meetings to be called by the Executive as and when required, at which each club must be represented. Any club failing to attend will result in a £20 fine being imposed on that club. Representatives of at least 75% of Full Member clubs to form a quorum.

d) An Executive shall be formed consisting of a Chairman, Vice Chairmen (2), Honorary Secretary, Registrations, Results and Statistics Secretary, Umpires Co-ordinator, Disciplinary Chairman and four elected members. The President and Vice President(s) may also attend Executive Committee meetings with full voting rights.

e) The Executive shall establish such Sub-Committees as it feels appropriate to assist it fulfils its role, members being appointed by the Executive from both within and out with its membership.

11. No Rule or Constitution of the League shall be altered except by a majority vote of not less than two to one (with the exception of Match Play Rules which will be a simple majority) by attendees at the Annual General Meeting or at a Specially Convened Management Committee Meeting of the League, at which other clubs may be elected in addition to, or in place of, the above. Each club shall have one vote providing each has paid their annual subscription to the League.

12. These rules shall only be altered at the Annual General Meeting or at a Specially Convened Management Meeting of the League, a requisition to the League Secretary for such a special meeting by five or more clubs being sufficient. Notice of proposals/nominations (duly seconded) to be sent to the League Secretary 28 days before the date of such an Annual General Meeting or a Specially Convened Management Meeting. The League Secretary will give clubs 14 days notice of Agenda items for such meetings.

13. The subscriptions payable annually by the club shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting. Such subscriptions to be payable for the coming season before 30th April.

14. The League shall arrange the fixtures for the teams in each Division on a home and away basis. The League shall consist of 6 Divisions including two regionalised Divisions. Promotion and relegation to be as follows:

a) Two up and two down through the top four divisions with ground conditions and club facilities to be taken into account.

b) A play-off between the 3rd bottom of Division 3 and the 3rd top of Division 4 to operate for the first two seasons namely 2018 and 2019.

c) The 3rd team in Division 4 to be allowed to stay. Entering a play-off is optional.

d) If the 3rd team in Division 4 declines the opportunity of a play-off, then the 3rd bottom in Division 3 remains in that Division.

e) The 3rd bottom team in Division 3 must enter a play-off if the 3rd team in Division 4 wishes to seek promotion.

f) For season 2018, no N&TSCL Division B1 top 6 club would be compelled to play in Division 4. In that event, the Executive Committee would decide on their replacement(s).

g) Bottom two teams in Division 4 to be relegated to Division 5. Clubs will be placed in Division 5 North or South as per Rule 14n.

h) Top teams in Divisions 5 North and 5 South to be promoted to Division 4.

i) Promotion from Division 5 is optional.

j) If either of the top teams in Division 5 decline promotion, then the runner-up in their Division can be promoted (if they wish).

k) If neither top team or runner-up in Division 5 North or South accept promotion, then no team from that Division will be promoted and no team will be relegated from Division 4.

l) The bottom two teams in Division 5 North and 5 South to be relegated to Division 6. Clubs will be placed in Division 6 North or South as per Rule 14n.

m) The top two teams in Division 6 North and 6 South to be promoted to Division 5. Clubs will be placed in Division 5 North or South as per Rule 14n. Promotion from Division 6 is compulsory.

n) A flexible approach to restructuring geographic boundaries will need to be considered at the end of each season depending on promotion and relegation (as in Rule 14 g – m) o) No club’s 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team should appear in the same division unless it is the bottom division.

15. If a Full Member club resigns from the League, then only the bottom club shall be relegated from the Divisions in which they played. If two or more Full Member clubs belonging to the same Division(s) resign, then there will be no relegation from that Division(s).

16. All clubs shall keep proper books of accounts and a Minute Book of their meetings showing the date of election of new members. The Executive shall have the power to call upon any club or player to produce any books, letters, documents or other evidence which the Executive may desire relative to any matters of dispute.

17. Any club holding a League Trophy shall return the same to the Secretary 14 days before:

i) the scheduled date of the appropriate Cup Final

or ii) the end of the season.

18. Any invoices issued by the League and not paid by a club within 30 days shall be subject to a £25 penalty

19. All games arranged by the League shall be played in accordance with the Laws of Cricket 2017 Code (unless stated in the Match Play Rules).

20. All League fixtures should be played on a Saturday unless the Executive determines that other days could be used for the whole fixture programme. The Executive, however, on a case by case basis may allow clubs who ground share with other sports and where the ground is unavailable due to that other sport, play their home league fixture(s) on a Sunday subject to any conditions specified by the Executive.

21. Any club or registered player feeling aggrieved in regard to the play or conduct of any other player or club may lodge a protest in writing with the League Secretary within 72 hours of the match or occurrence in dispute. A deposit of £25 (returnable at the discretion of the Discipline Review Committee) must be received by the League within the 72 hours. The League Secretary/Disciplinary Chairman or his deputy, will then contact the other party who must respond in writing within 7 days of receiving the protest. (See Rule 3.4 of the Disciplinary Regulations).

22. The Executive will have the power to deal with all matters of dispute and issues not provided for in these rules. They shall have the power to inflict the following penalties and any additional tariff which the Executive may determine prior to the commencement of each season. The Executive decision will be final.

a) Fines not exceeding £100.

b) The award of points to, or the deduction of points from, a club’s record.

c) The formal reprimand or suspension of any club or player during such a period as they may think fit.

23. A condition of membership of the League is that clubs have an appointed club welfare officer whom has undertaken the appropriate training as prescribed by the ECB and either the Northumberland or Durham Cricket Board as appropriate to a club’s location.

24. All references to 'in writing' contained in the League rules are also defined as by electronic communication. An acknowledgement should always be requested and obtained in disputes and in appeals.

25. Clubs will pay an annual good conduct deposit of £50 per club; any balance can be refunded by the 30th September of that season.