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New Scoring Rules functionality is now available to be added to fixtures, so you can now publish or edit your fixtures for the upcoming season. Please see the relevant help guide:
Club & County Board Sites: Scoring Rules
Competition Sites: Scoring Rules 
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Some helpful tips for the season.

1. Check you have all of your players registered online. You will automatically lose all of your points and be fined if you play an unregistered player.  

a. As a lot of teams are now opting to use the Play Cricket scorer app it may be useful to put your team into your website – via Admin / Fixtures to help your scorers  
b. Using the app will allow you to upload the result straight into play cricket  
c. Additionally you can email the result to Sportpress  or use but please ring in and confirm that they have it.  

2. If you get another player from one of the NTCL clubs then please transfer them rather than start a new registration.  All results will be submitted electronically by the home team via the League web-site within 48 hours of the completion of any match; 

3. The away team must electronically agree this submission within a further 24 hours of the completion of the match. 

Both home and away club do this by putting a tick in the box next to the fixture in their own play cricket website. This tick signifies you agree with the scorecard, it must be done by the time deadline or email me with the reason not to.

4. Penalties for non-compliance in same season: 
a. £5 for 1st offence; 
b. £10 + 1 penalty point for 2nd offence; 
c. £15 + 2 penalty points for 3rd offence etc.  

5. No excuses and fines will be sent out automatically early doors to remind people.

6. Umpires team cards must be completed prior to all games where there are league appointed umpires and these are kept by the umpires themselves.

7. The Umpires may have a fees and expenses claim form to hand to you if they want. Use this and keep them yourselves until the end of the season.

8. Second teams may text or email [see the handbook for details] me to get approval to add a player to their team on the Saturday morning, but they must also inform the opposing captain this has been done.

9. Players under 18 may be drafted in from clubs in other leagues, but adults may not.

10. If your club runs teams in higher leagues then players who have played in those higher leagues may NOT play in the NTCL unless you have sought prior approval. You will lose all of your points for the game and be fined if you do break this rule. Additionally the 7 day rule applies.

11. The League Registrations, Matchplay and Ill discipline documents are all on the League website as well for handy reference. 

Thanks and enjoy your season.

Call or email me if you have issues as its better to sort them out before losing points etc..