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Match Play Rules

1. The Laws of Cricket 2017 Code (and all subsequent current editions) shall apply except where it shall be provided otherwise by these Rules. All matches in Divisions 1 and 2 to commence at 1:30 pm. All other matches to commence at 1.00 pm with the exception of the last three matches of the season where games in all divisions will start at 12:30 pm.

2. In any fixture, run under the League auspices, the League appointed Umpire(s) shall have the right, if the conditions so warrant it, to either suspend or proceed with play. Once the ground authority (groundsman) has declared the ground fit for play, upon their arrival, the League appointed umpire or umpires will be the sole judge of a grounds’ fitness for play. The above does not preclude any captain from appealing to the Umpires about conditions, etc. as per M.C.C. Laws.

3. All League matches in Divisions 1 to 4 shall consist of 50 six-ball overs with no bowler permitted to bowl more than 12 overs. All League matches in Divisions 5 shall consist of 45 six-ball overs with no bowler permitted to bowl more than 10 overs. All League matches in Divisions 6 shall consist of 40 six-ball overs with no bowler permitted to bowl more than 9 overs

4. Matches cannot commence more than three hours after the scheduled start-time. No match shall, therefore, commence after 4.30 pm for Divisions 1 and 2, and after 4:00 pm for Divisions 3 to 6 (3:30 pm for 12.30 pm starts). No over shall commence after 8.30 pm for Divisions 1 and 2, and after 8:00 pm for Divisions 3 to 6 (7:30 pm for 12:30 pm starts). If the start is delayed then the number of overs per innings shall be reduced as follows:

No play within      Div1 to 4     Div 5           Div 6         
0 to 29 mins    50 Overs 45 Overs 40 Overs
30 to 59 mins 45 Overs  40 Overs 40 Overs
60 to 89 mins 40 Overs 35 Overs  35 Overs
90 to 119mins 35 Overs  30 Overs 30 Overs
120 to 149 mins   30 Overs 25 Overs 25 Overs
150 mins   25 Overs 20 Overs 20 Overs

Bowling restrictions will be adjusted with new limits taking immediate effect (other than where already exceeded). A bowler shall not start a new over if this would result in him exceeding, in the innings, the number of overs listed below:

ie. No bowler to bowl more than 11 overs in matches of 46-49 overs per side.

Overs         Div. 1 to 4     Div. 5    Div. 6   
46 - 49 11 N/A N/A
41 - 45 10 10 N/A
37 - 40 9 9 9
33 - 36  8 8 8
29 - 32  7 7 7
25 - 28 6 6 6
20 - 24 5 5 5
(Note: timing will commence from when the umpires remove the bails to when the bails are replaced).

As a guide to both teams and league umpires, the maximum time allowed to complete the allotted overs are as follows
Number of Overs     Maximum Time Allowed    
50 3 Hours
45 2 Hours 42 Minutes
40 2 Hours 24 Minutes
35 2 Hours 6 Minutes
30 1 Hour 48 Minutes
25 1 Hour 30 Minutes
20 1 Hour 12 Minutes

5. In the event of any time being lost after the actual start-time up to the conclusion of the first innings then one over shall be deducted from the duration of each side’s innings for every six minutes (or part thereof) lost. In the event that a tea interval is taken during the first innings the length of that interval shall not be counted when calculating the number of overs to be deducted and in matches commencing at 4:30 pm or 4:00 pm (3:30 pm for last 3 games), or later, the tea interval will be taken prior to the start of the match. However, a side must bat for at least 25 overs (20 Overs in Divisions 5 & 6), so that no reduction below this level is permitted, and overs must be fully completed. When play is suspended prior to 25 overs (20 overs in Divisions 5 & 6) being completed in the first innings, play can be resumed at any time up to the scheduled finish time to enable a minimum of 25 overs to be bowled (20 overs in Divisions 5 & 6). No adjustment shall be made for time lost during the second innings.

6. Wides

In all league games, normal wide rules will apply. Tight leg-side wides will not apply.

Points System

7. The method of Scoring will be:

a. For a win (irrespective of the number of batsmen out) 20 points plus batting and bowling points

b. For a loss (irrespective of the number of batsmen out) 0 points plus batting and bowling points

c. For a tie (irrespective of the number of batsmen out) 10 points plus batting and bowling points

d. Draw (no play) 5 points

e. Draw (abandoned with a minimum of 10 overs played) 8 points plus batting and bowling points

Matches cancelled because of rain or unfit pitches will not be rearranged.

In the event of a complete league programme being abandoned owing to bad weather, none of those matches will be rearranged.

The batting and bowling bonus points are awarded as follows:

Division 1 to 4 Matches


100 to 124 runs 1 point

125 to 149 runs 2 points

150 to 174 runs 3 points

175 to 199 runs 4 points

200 plus runs 5 points


2 or 3 batsmen dismissed 1 point

4 or 5 batsmen dismissed 2 points

6 or 7 batsmen dismissed 3 points

8 or 9 batsmen dismissed 4 points

All 10 dismissed 5 points

In Division 5 and Division 6 matches:


80 to 99 runs 1 point

100 to 119 runs 2 points

120 to 139 runs 3 points

140 to 159 runs 4 points

160 plus runs 5 points

Bowling points will be as in Division 1 to 4 Matches.


a) If a team is considered all out, other than through a declaration, then 5 bowling bonus points will be awarded to the fielding side.

b) If a team wins by FIVE or more wickets then 5 batting points will be awarded to the winning side. A maximum of FIVE batting bonus points can be awarded to any one team in a match.

c) A team winning by FOUR or less wickets can only be awarded any bowling points achieved and batting bonus points by the above run scoring method.

d) For a non-defaulting team in a match which is conceded for a reason other than adverse weather conditions maximum points will be awarded in line with Rule 14.

8. Bonus Points for games with a delayed start.

Batting bonus points to accrue as follows:

Overs         Divisions 1 to 4     Divisions 5 & 6    
45 to 49   100 to 200 80 to 160
40 to 45   75 to 175 80 to 160
35 to 39   75 to 175 60 to 140
30 to 35   50 to 150 50 to 130
25 to 29   50 to 150 50 to 130
20 to 24   N/A 40 to 120

9. Clubs will incur a penalty of 5 points for any match in Divisions 1 to 3 for which they do not have a scorer for both innings.

10. Should the side batting first declare before their permitted overs have been completed, then their innings is deemed ended. A side declaring its innings closed before completing its permitted number of overs shall be considered as being all out (but see Rule 7 note a).

11. Immediately upon arriving at a result, the match shall be considered for all League purposes to have finished and the scoring record shall be deemed to be complete. Any further play that may be for the benefit of providing further match practice will be at the discretion of the Captains.

12. During play, the movement of the sight-screens is the responsibility of the batting side.

13. Tea will normally be taken between innings and umpires should ensure it is limited to no longer than 25 minutes. If the start of the match is delayed or adverse weather conditions interfere during the first innings, then tea may be taken earlier at a time determined by the match umpires. If tea is taken before completion of the first innings there will be an interval of 10 minutes between innings. Rolling of the wicket can only take place prior to the start of the game and between innings. The cost of providing teas is the responsibility of the home club.

14. If a club fails to turn out a side to fulfil a fixture, that side shall suffer the loss of the match. The non-defaulting side shall be awarded the match and the highest points achieved by a team in their Division in that day’s games. Should the same defaulting side further fail to turn out a side to fulfil any other fixtures during that season the same penalties will apply plus a deduction of 10 points, for each conceded game commencing with the second infringement, from the side’s league points total. The deduction applies only to the defaulting side and not to the club’s other league sides.

15. No date or venue of any League fixture shall be cancelled or altered for any reason whatsoever without the prior agreement of each club concerned and the authorisation of the League’s Executive or of a duly appointed committee. Exception to this rule applies when a member club of the League qualifies for the FINAL of any National cricket competition then that club’s fixtures (both first and second eleven) shall be postponed from the weekend of that FINAL. The postponed fixture(s) must then be replayed within FOURTEEN DAYS of the National Final taking place on a date or dates agreed to by the Executive Committee or the duly appointed sub-committee.

16. For Division 1 to 4 matches: at the instant of a delivery a maximum of five fielders may be outside an area bounded by two semi-circles centred on each middle stump (each with a radius of 30 yards) and joined by a parallel line on each side of the pitch. In the event of an infringement, either umpire shall call no ball. The fielding circle should be marked by painted white dots at five yard intervals, each dot may be covered by a plastic or rubber (not metal) disc measuring seven inches in diameter.

17. Visiting teams must fulfil their engagements, unless notified by the home club Secretary (or designated official) by 10.30 am on the day of the match, that the ground is unfit for play. The Umpires Co-ordinator is to be notified immediately. In case of non-fulfilment, the non-compliant club must lodge a protest as provided for in the General Rules.

18. Where TWO or more clubs shall have the same number of points in the final League table, the criteria for determinating League Champions, clubs being promoted and relegated and for final league position, will be in the following order: Most Wins, then Most Ties, then Least Losses. If it is still a tie, then the team with the better points difference in matches between the teams involved; then the team with the better points difference per match against the League winners; then the second team, third team, and so on until the issue is resolved.

19. Umpires shall be appointed by the Umpires Co-ordinator to officiate in all Divisions and cup games. In the absence of any appointed umpire or umpires, the captains of the respective teams shall mutually agree to appoint an umpire or umpires during such absence. Each umpire appointed shall, in respect of each match actually started, be paid by the home club at the tea interval, in accordance with the amount agreed by the Executive, together with the ordinary standard bus fares covering the most direct and/or recognised route from his or her permanent residence, or, an amount per mile agreed by the Executive if travelling by car; this formula being applied when assessing the total travel expenses. No expenses payment shall be paid to Umpires travelling as a passenger in the car of a colleague. In those instances where the umpires arrive at the ground and a match is not started, they shall be paid half of the aforementioned fees together with the appropriate travelling expenses. In the event of an umpire officiating at both ends, he shall be entitled to an enhanced fee in accordance with the amount agreed by the Executive.

20. The date of any League fixture or the venue of such fixture shall not be altered, without the prior approval of the Executive.

21. All results will be submitted electronically by the home team via the League web-site within 48 hours of the completion of any match; the away team must electronically agree this submission within a further 24 hours of the completion of the match. penalties for non-compliance in same season: £5 for 1st offence; £10 + 1 penalty point for 2nd offence; £15 + 2 penalty points for 3rd offence etc.

22. Cancellation or abandonment of any league game shall be similarly reported; cup matches should not be reported online if the game is cancelled or abandoned. The cup match should only be reported online at its completion. All home clubs must telephone their result to the press as specified by the Registrations, Results and Statistics Secretary at the start of the season and these details will be updated by the said secretary if this proves necessary. Where a match is played at a neutral venue, viz. Cup Finals etc. the responsibility for informing the press and completing the electronic score-card falls to the winning side.

23. In all games, the fielding side shall provide its own RED ball, such ball to be one of the following;

a. for Divisions 1 to 4: Oxbridge Windsor, Reader Sovereign, Dukes County International or Dukes Special Crown Match.

b. for Divisions 5 and 6: Any English Grade A.

Plus, any other balls as agreed from time to time by the Executive Committee.

24. Covers, if available, will be used during a match where there is interference with rain, including the bowlers’ run-ups. There will be no watering of wickets in preparation of a match later than 24 hours prior to the schedule time of commencement. With the permission of the umpires, artificial drying of the pitch is allowed during a game.

25. The game will not commence until a team has a minimum of eight players. Rules 4 and 5 apply in determining the length of the game.

26. Should a team not be ready to start at the scheduled starting time as per Match Play Rule 4 due to unforeseen circumstances, then the actual overs played shall be appropriate to the actual starting time as given in Match Play Rule 4. The Laws of Cricket state that the toss must be made not earlier than 30 minutes and not later than 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the match to start. A team not ready to toss 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the start of the match will forfeit the choice of innings. Umpires are requested to inform the League Secretary of any game not started at the scheduled start time.

27. In the event of a late arrival and/or non-arrival of players in relation to the official starting time, for Divisions 1 to 4, captains are allowed up to one hour for teams to be completed providing always that:

a. teams are nominated at the toss.

b. all such players are bona fide playing members of the club concerned in accordance with League Registration Rules and which therefore eliminates the use of substitutes (other than for injury or illness after the one hour deadline).

c. Rule 26 continues to apply with a minimum of eight players from both teams being present prior to the toss for innings.

Players who arrive late, but within the one-hour period, shall be permitted to bowl immediately.

28. In Divisions 5 and 6, a team which starts a match with fewer than 11 players can complete the team at any time up to the end of the first innings and such late arriving players shall be permitted to bowl immediately.

29. The League shall have first call on any player selected for a League Representative XI, with a maximum of one per club. The club to decide on which player.