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Player Registration Rules

1. Only registered players shall be allowed to play in any of this League’s competitions and such players must be bona fide members of their club.

2. The names of all bona fide players previously registered by a club with the Registrations, Results and Statistics Secretary shall remain valid unless requested by the club to be amended.

3. Any new bona fide member shall be registered with the Registrations, Results and Statistics Secretary via the approved process at least 7 days before their first league or cup match of the season.

4. No player, whether professional, amateur or overseas shall be allowed to be transferred or registered within 6 weeks of the final league match. All junior players are to be excluded from this rule. Permission may be granted after this date by the Executive in exceptional circumstances.

5. A player, having played for a club in any league, wishing to play for another club within this League during the same season may do so once 3 days have elapsed since playing his last cup or league match for his previous club, provided the secretaries of both clubs agree and complete the relevant transfer form. The Registrations, Results and Statistics Secretary will then transfer the registration. Any player failing to obtain such approval shall be at liberty to appeal to the Registration Sub-Committee. No player may play for more than 2 clubs in this League in any one season.

6. Notwithstanding Rule 5, a junior player who has played junior cricket for any club during the season cannot be registered by a different club during the same season, except with the permission of the Executive.

7. No player shall be allowed to play for any club in a league or cup match within 3 days of playing in a similar match for another club belonging to this or a senior League. A senior League shall be regarded as one within the top three levels of the North-East Pyramid Structure (or an equivalent).

8. Any club, which operates an eleven in the Midweek Division may co-opt registered players from other member clubs. Where the other member club operates a Midweek Division team then the co-opted player may only play with his parent clubs’ consent and then the player may only play for his parent club and/or 1 other club in any season. If the parent club does not operate a Midweek Division team, then the player may play for his nominated starting club and 1 other in the season. The Registrations, Results and Statistics Secretary is to be informed of any such co-opted players.

9. Notwithstanding Rule 7 any non-first team player recognised within the spirit of cricket, not selected for their registered N&TCL club on a Saturday may, providing their registered club agrees, play for another club in one of the following Leagues. The player can then play for their registered club during the following week, if selected without redress to the 3-day rule. The Leagues for which this rule applies are: West Tyne League; North East Durham League; Darlington and District League.

10. The Executive shall have power to refuse to register any player to a new club who, having been a member of any other club, has not paid the club subscription due for any preceding or current season to such club or has failed to meet other financial obligations to the club.

11. The registration of a player becomes null and void on playing for another club within a senior League [a senior League is that defined in rule 7]  except that a junior player registered with this League for senior cricket, may play for Durham Academy without his registration being affected.

12. Each club in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 is allowed to register only one player not qualified to play for England, as laid down by ECB Regulations, who shall be the professional and shall be registered before 31st May each year. However, the Executive may also allow further non-England qualified players to be registered in accordance with Rule 19(b).

13. A professional shall be defined as one who has taken, or who has contracted to take, in the current season, payment for his services as a player with any member or non-member Cricket Club.

14. Any club entitled to register a professional in accord with Rule 12 is required to provide the Registration Sub-Committee with evidence of an agreed contract, to be submitted to the Executive at least seven days before the professional’s first match for the club.

15. Should a club lose the services of their professional owing to injury, illness, or international call-up (in all cases documentary evidence, including Medical Certificates must be provided) it shall be allowed, with the approval of the Registration Sub-Committee, to engage a substitute professional for the remainder of the season. No professionals shall play in Divisions 4, 5 or 6 or for any second team.

16. All professionals shall be governed by the ECB disciplinary ‘Code of Conduct’ and it is for clubs to accept the responsibility for any player from overseas who is designated a professional but does not conform to UK Border Agency Regulations.

17. The Registration Sub-Committee shall refuse to register any player suspended by any other League.

18. The Registration Sub-Committee, has the power to refuse or cancel the registration of any player it considers may have broken any registration rule or broken any part of the League’s code of conduct. This is at the sole and absolute discretion of the Registration Sub-Committee. A player whose registration has been refused or cancelled may appeal to the Executive Committee, they cannot however be registered and play until after a successful appeal. At any appeal the onus of proof lies with the individual to prove that they have not broken registration rules.

19. A bona fide player shall be understood to be:

a) an amateur qualified to play for England who does not receive payment for playing for his club, or any other club, who has been a member of a club in membership of the League prior to the then current year or has been subsequently elected a member of such club. Exceptions to this rule will be declared club stewards, coaches and groundsmen accepted by the Executive; or

b) one who does not qualify to play for England under current ECB Regulations but

has permanently resided in the United Kingdom in the preceding 6 months to the commencement of the current season.

20. Clubs are responsible for completion and confirmation of accuracy of all registration forms. Particular attention should be given to the England Qualification Rule. Clubs seeking a player registration in accordance with Rule 19 (b) must present supporting documentation to the Registration Sub-Committee.

21. Any club in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 who has not registered a professional as in Rule 12, can, before 31st May in any year, register one player who has not permanently resided in the United Kingdom in the preceding 6 months to the commencement of the current season and who is not qualified to play for England. Such a player shall be known as an ‘overseas amateur' and shall be treated as a professional for the purposes of all the other League’s rules.

22. All players registered by a club must be:

a) eligible to play for England or Scotland under the International Cricket Council rules or

b) be under eighteen on September 1st of the previous year or

c) have been resident within the League's catchment area for a minimum of 6 months between the close of the previous season and the start of the current one or

d) be in full-time education at a higher education establishment within the League's catchment area or

e) clubs in Divisions 1,2 and 3 are allowed to register only one player without the above five criteria.


i) The League's catchment area is defined as exactly the same geographical boundaries specified in the League's General Rules.

ii) The International Cricket Council's rules on eligibility may currently be found at These are the rules to be adhered to under Rule 22a in all matters except disputes which will be handled by the League's Registration Sub-Committee.

iii) An individual may apply to the Registration Sub-Committee of the League for dispensation from this rule. It is envisaged that such dispensations would cover long- standing members of the community and individuals found in such circumstances as these only.

23. The Registration Sub-Committee shall have authority to issue a dispensation permitting registration of a player at shorter notice than 3 days for playing in Divisions 5 and 6.

24. Any player registration errors by clubs will result in an immediate deduction of all points gained in games played whilst improperly registered or the team expelled from the cup competition the unregistered player participated in.